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26 Jul 2019


Intel Corporation


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Review by Frederick Barton (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 26 Jul 2019

You always have to check a product when you buy it, but it's a bit more tricky when the product is a piece of hardware for your computer, namely the CPU. If you just got a shiny new Intel processor, you can use the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool to test out its features and make sure it works correctly. The software does everything for you, so you don't have to concern yourself with any complicated configurations or terms you may not understand.

The Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool is free, and you can have it up and running on your computer in less than a minute. You don't have to worry about hardware requirements since the software is meant to test what you already have, but you will obviously need to have an Intel processor.

When launched, the software will immediately start its tests, but you can stop it at any time, with a single click, if you wish to make some changes first or at least look around the interface to see what you're dealing with. The program provides you with basic info about your system, which includes your processor make and model, its number of physical and logical cores, as well as some information about your GPU. You can also see what features your processor supports in the same area of the interface, on a separate tab.

With its default settings left on, the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool will check if your processor is genuine and verify its brand string, after which it will proceed to test its cache, IMC, prime number and other features. Finally, the software will perform stress tests on both your CPU and GPU. You will probably hear your CPU cooler spin like a jet engine, but you don't have to be alarmed. Even if something fails, the software will automatically stop its tests to prevent any damage. A summary of all operations is displayed in real time, in the lower-left part of the interface, which turns green or red after the test is complete, to let you know if your hardware has passed or failed the test.

The software doesn't hold too much information back, at least when it comes to details you need to know. It provides you a wealth of information, besides the test summary, as well as instructions and descriptions, so you won't end up staring at your monitor, scratching your head, trying to figure out what Parallel_Module.exe does and what dependencies it has.

If you want to make sure the Intel processor you just bought is genuine and that it does what it says on the box, the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool will provide you with the proof you need.


The software can retrieve basic information about Intel processors, and it can also list their features. It can perform multiple tests in one run, including stress tests.


There are no obvious drawbacks to point out.

Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool


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